Modernist Desk Made in Milan – ZT525


A nice sized modernist desk made in Milan in 1955. Its unusual architectural form is made from mahogany wood, with a steel frame top in gray formica. The design also includes a key to lock the three drawers.

Creator: Unknown
Place of Origin: Italy
Date of Manufacture: 1955
Materials & Techniques: Formica, Steel, Wood, Mahogany
Condition: Excellent. Refinished.
Dimensions: 29.5 in. H x 55 in. W x 31 in. D / 75 cm H x 140 cm W x 79 cm D
Dealer Reference Number: ZT525

Dealer Location: 29 West 30th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10001
Dealer Phone Number: 212-924-6330


Modern Art

Modernism stems from a philosophical transformation that impacted Western society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, following the end of World War I. It sought to transition from an outdated political environment with newness and experimentation, shaping the development of industrial societies and influencing the rapid growth of cities. Modernism rejected the traditional thoughts of enlightenment and realism, which was expressed in self-conscious fashions such as parodies and abstractions. Expressionism, futurism, vorticism, cubism, surrealism, and dada are art forms that all thrived during the modernist movement. Modernist architecture is sleek and minimalistic, cutting excess and focusing on the practicality of the materials used, which shaped a comprehensive and contemporary aesthetic that sought to represent stability. Steel, glass, molded plywood, and plastics are all popular mediums for modernist designs.