About Fred Silberman Antiques

Italians are well-known for their clothing, automotive design and, of course, outstanding food. Perhaps less-known, is their history of decadent furniture and interior design. Fred Silberman Antiques set out to change this nearly fifty years ago, by collecting and dealing 20th century Italian furniture and decorative arts. Purely out of his interest in the history and craftsmanship, Fred Silberman’s business reflects an understanding and deep appreciation for the art form and as he says, “nobody else was doing it.”

The result is a uniquely curated inventory of Italian furniture and decorative arts. Naturally, none of the pieces were mass-produced, they are bought from previous owners, or acquired over the years from fellow collectors. Some have even been rescued from destruction during World War II, remaining in impeccable condition, or have been restored to original condition. Tom Stewart, Silbermans’ business partner, engaged us with some of his fascinating stories from his travels in Italy over the decades. True to the spirit of dolce vita, these furniture designers mix the old with the new and allowed the past to influence the growth of Italian design. The pieces found at Fred Silberman are elegant and astoundingly beautiful, and as Tom has passionately explained to us, “everything has a history, everything has a soul.”

Chandelier Made by Fontana Arte - ZF183